30 Series Drop-In Quarter Turn Z-Nut

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30 Series, Drop-In Quarter Turn Z-Nut.

They are 100% compatible with the following manufacturers:

1/4-20 – 80/20 #13110, KATIM® #KAT110854

10-32 – 80/20 #13112, KATIM® #KAT110852

M6 – 80/20 #13117, KATIM® #KAT110816

M5 – 80/20 #13115, KATIM® #KAT110815

M4 -80/20 #13113, KATIM® #KAT110814

These Drop-In T-Nuts are a VERY quick way to attach items to your 30 Series extrusions.

  • These Fasteners are side loaded in the 30 Series extrusions.
  • They are great for when you want to secure a large panel to the extrusion; you don’t have to worry about aligning all your t-nuts in the slots.  Just pre-assemble the screws and nuts to your panel before mounting.


Weight 0.007 lbs
Dimensions 0.02 × 0.02 × 0.02 in


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