15FAC3886 – 15 Series Butt Fastener Assembly


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15FAC3886 – 15 Series Butt Fastener Assembly.

Butt Fasteners are an ideal way to join two extrusions end to end when longer bars need to be reduced in length.


  •  T-Slots / Futura #651154
  •  Frame-World #EF-61
  •  80/20 #3370
  •  McMaster #5537T272


  • The assembly includes (1) 15FA3610 Zinc Anchor Fastener Cam, (1) 5/16-18 x 1-3/4″ SHCS, and (1) Steel Threaded part
  • The connectors are flush when installed, and provide a very clean and aesthetic look. Ideal when Joining Plates cannot be used
  • 15MA9071 Counterbore machining are required to use the anchor fasteners.  A Ø0.812″ (13/16″) two flute endmill is required to make the counterbore. The counterbore needs to be machined at 0.855″ from the edge, and 0.660″ deep
Weight 0.145 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 0.75 × .75 in


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