13FA3331 – 15 Series 5/16-18 x 11/16″ (0.688″) long flanged button head screw

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15 Series 5/16-18 Economy T-Nut & 11/16″ (0.688″) long Flanged Button Head Cap Screw.

These screws are 100% compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • 80/20 – P/N 3330
  • T-Slots (Futura Industries) – P/N 651134
  • Frame-World – P/N EF-12F-63

The screws will fit in the 15 and 40 Series extrusions.   The flanged head is Ø0.660″, and has a 3/16″ allen hex.  The flange allows for increased surface contact on the part being mounted.  The screws are not suggested for use with corner brackets because the head interferes with the radius of the bracket.

  • Made of carbon steel and have a black zinc finish.
  • This screw is perfect for connecting all the 1/4″ thick joining plates or panels to the extrusions.


Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions .853 × .660 × .660 in


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