13AC7302 – 15 Series Black Plastic Handle w/mounting hardware (LARGE)


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15 Series Large Black Plastic Handle. 

This Large Handle is perfect for a door made of extrusions or just a panel.  They will fit in pretty much any Series / models of extrusions.

The width is 1.012″, the length is 8.189″, and the holes are 7.047″ center-to-center.

They are 100% compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • 80/20 #2060
  • T-SLOTS #655058

They can also be used for flat surfaces like wood / sheet-metal cabinets or plastic panels.

Included with each handle is (2) 5/16-18 x 3/4″ S.H.C.S. & Economy T-nut.

Weight .18 lbs
Dimensions 8.189 × 1.012 × 1.969 in


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