40AC7305 – 40 Series Drop-In Cable Tie Block

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40 Series Black Nylon 1/4-Turn Drop-In Cable Tie.

These parts are 100% compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • 80/20 #12316
  • TSLOTS / Futura #671402
  • McMaster #47065T217

These Cable Ties will fit in the 40 Series extrusions with an 8mm opening and can be loaded from the sides.
Ideal for installing all your pneumatic / hydraulic tubes or electrical wires to the extrusion with tie-wraps. The Tie wraps can be attached at 90 degrees or parallel to the extrusion. Perfect for making a CLEAN assembly.

Weight 0.007 lbs
Dimensions .77 × .77 × 1 in


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