15FAC3894 – 15 Series Machining-less T-Slot Connector

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15FAC3894 – 15 Series Machining-less T-Slot Connector.

The Machining-less Connector are an ideal way to join two extrusions at 90° without any machining to the extrusions.

These parts are 100% equivalent to the following manufacturers: 

  •  T-Slots / Futura #655815
  •  80/20 #14132
  •  McMaster #5537T294


  • The assembly includes 3 pieces; a custom steel piece, a screw and a quarter-turn nut.
  • The point of the set-screw bites into the bottom of the t-slot creating a secure connection.
  • The connectors are inside the t-slot when installed, and provide a very clean and aesthetic look. Ideal when Joining Plates or Corner Brackets cannot be used.
  • The connector allows for infinite positioning along the mating extrusion, and it can be used in pairs to double rigidity.
Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 2.26 × .708 × .375 in


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